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The Epiphany

Today is the Feast of the Epiphany. It marks the day the three wise men arrived at the baby Jesus. Yeah, it took them awhile. Traffic.

Last night at Sonny's, K pointed out to me that today was the Epiphany. So Epiphanies all around. Epiphanies on the house.

By the way, J&K, we've gotta go back to Sonny's because I liked it. Lots of beer taps.

After I left you guys, I wandered down Wilshire, but the fuckin' Starbucks was closed. Where does Starbucks get off closing in the middle of the night? Don't they realize that people need coffee in the middle of the night? What are they trying to do? Turn us all into morning people? People need coffee twenty four hours a day.

I kept walking and came upon a Jack in the Box. The manager with a wet stain on his shirt told me they were open and that they had coffee. And it only cost one dollar and seven cents. He even gave me as many creams as I wanted.

Next to the Jack in the Box was a park where you can sign up for lawn bowling. On the other side of the lawn bowling lawn, I found a bench under a street light. I sat and drank my coffee in that cliché way that writers and artists contemplate things.

The park bench was right next to a fake stream. You gotta see this stream especially after a pint or two. It runs down a concrete slide past strategically placed rocks and under unnecessary bridges. The stream is maybe a foot wide, so the bridges are definitely unnecessary. It's easy to just step over the stream.

The stream is quite brilliant in its fakeness. It shouldn't be there naturally. Then again, nothing in LA is really natural anymore. The stream ends in a pond which is also fake, but you don't care because it's all so beautiful and peaceful in the quiet nighttime.

All the planning and construction just leads to something so simple---flowing water. J&K, you gotta see it.

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