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The Free Skate

E finalemente sul giaccio, degli Stati Uniti--Sole Jen.

Now on the ice, from the United States, Sunshine Jen.

And they are on their feet for Sunshine Jen here in Turino. What a remarkable Olympics she has had so far.

She came from nowhere to wow the judges in her short program.

It really is an amazing story, Scott, but she has had excellent practices. Even more amazing is that she has a crippling fear of ice.

That's right. In second grade, she slipped and broke her wrist. But she fought back and now she's here in Turino skating for Olympic gold.

She knows the door has been opened. She just has to skate a clean performance.

Skating to Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story, here is Sunshine Jen.

She said she chose this music because it makes her fearless. If she skates clean, she will raise the Palavela roof.

She's gaining speed. She's lining up her first combination. TRIPLELUTZTRIPLETOE! Wow! Did you see the height on that?

She said she wanted to make a statement, and she just made a big one. DOUBLEAXEL! The crowd goes wild.

I gotta tell ya, Sunshine Jen is feeling it. Look at the smile on her face.

Triple Loop! She is locked in.

At 5'8" she is the tallest woman in this competition, and at thirty years old, she is by far the oldest woman, but she is not showing her age one bit. Look at her strong, clean edges.

You can see she really feels her choreography. Look at the depth of emotion on her face. She is in the music, not just skating to it.

Triple Salchow. Wow! She fought for that landing. She's a fighter. What a fighter!

She has been working so hard, and it all comes down this. All the training. All the pressure.

Into her spiral sequence. Look at the extension she has. She has been working on her flexibility.

Under the new rules, you have to think every second of your program. You can leave nothing to chance.

Well, Sunshine Jen seems to have embraced the new rules. Look at this footwork. No one in the world can do it like her.

Tripletoetriplelutzdoublelutz! Wow! This late in the program she pulls off a brilliant combination.

She gets extra points for that.

Stamina is so important in the last minute of the program when your legs are tired, but Sunshine Jen is digging deep insider her. . . Triple loop!

Into her final spin sequence.


And they are on their feet here in Turino.

I think they were on their feet five seconds before the program ended.

What a performance!

You heard so much about the other skaters, but when she needed to, Sunshine Jen came in and gave it her all.

The crowd is chanting U-S-A.

And her coach greets her with hugs as she steps off the ice. They have been through so much, and they are so close.

‘How did I do?' she just asked him, and he said, ‘so-so'.

They have a strange banter, but it seems to work for them. She has a lot working for her. Look at the height on this double axel.

And here's the Triple Salchow. You can just see her thinking, hold it, hold it, it's mine.

And here's her final combination. One, two, three. No sweat.

Look at this choreography. This is Ladies Figure Skating at its finest.

It's important that you say Lady. All week, she has been saying she's a lady not a girl, and she shows that sophistication on the ice.

And now we're awaiting the marks for Sunshine Jen. . .

(thanks Victoria)

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