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The Interns

Last weekend, I brought the Sunshine Jen interns with me to the happyrobot party in New York. I believe in giving the interns the full experience of working on Sunshine Jen from sorting paperclips to private parties in Manhattan. One of my interns was so psyched that she declared Sunshine Jen the ‘best internship ever'.

I could not let the interns party their asses off without any consequence. They were required to write three sentences about their experiences. Now I get to sit back, put my feet up, and recover from a weekend of no sleep while the young ‘uns do the work.

I apologize if any of them get too serious. They're just trying to impress me.

First we're going to hear from the chief intern, Sandra Beech:

It was collllld outside, but inside the bar, it was warm of spirit. As I sank into a leopard print bean bag chair in a room with windows on three sides, I suddenly felt a strange feeling. Was it happiness or simply a feeling of hot coolness found only in the shadows of red light bulbs?

Thanks Sandy.

Next, we're going to hear Joel (Just Joel):

Madame X, what secrets do you keep? Madame X, what drinks do you make? Madame X, where can I smoke?

Thanks Joel, and I hope you found your shoes.

Next up is Thomas Ian Kitchell:

They're still singing Dylan underground. The trees in Central Park are all brown as I walk around unbound. Oh cement prison, why do I feel so free inside your wet belly?

Thanks Tom. Nice imperfect rhyming.

Jen Beal:

I really enjoyed meeting all the robots, but I am not Sunshine Jen. I am just her intern. Sunshine Jen is at the bar. (forth sentence) I was not in Flashdance either.

Electra G:

It was so totally cool to be drinking with all the happy robots. They are all so old and so smart. I felt like a real grownup, but I got sick on the plane going home.

Kirk James:

I went to the wrong party. Sorry. I had a good time anyway.

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