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A Hopeful Year

My Aunt is a big time Dodger fan. From now until the end of the season, Vin Scully's voice will echo out from the television as we learn mundane trivial facts about major leaguers. In her car, Dodgertalk will replace NPR and Jane Austin books on CD.

Every summer, my very wise Aunt comes up with one sentence or phrase to summarize the Dodger season. She can use this phrase whenever someone asks her about them Dodgers. Some Dodger talking points from past years have been ‘they're rebuilding' or ‘they're trying to find the winning chemistry' or ‘they'll be there in the end'.

Yesterday on opening day, my Aunt came up with ‘it's a hopeful year'. She hopes the Dodgers don't lose too badly. She hopes they don't sink into the cellar in a really embarrassing way. It's all about the hope for her. Faith is too much to ask for.

The Democrats ran on hope in 2004, and they lost. However, they didn't lose in a totally embarrassing way. Cough Mondale cough.

As for me, I like the Dodgers, but my heart will always be with the Cleveland Indians. Someday, they'll find their winning chemistry. However, the garlic fries at Dodger Stadium totally rock.

This year, Sandy Alomar and Kenny Lofton are both playing for the Dodgers, so it is like the Cleveland Indians, sort of. Nomar is also in LA. However, as of this posting, Kenny's on the DL and Nomar is probably on his way to the DL.

Still, it's early. There's still a lot of season left. Jim Tracy is gone. Jeff Kent is still there. I have hope. It's a hopeful year.

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