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Mina: The Celebrity Interview

Mina has been generating a lot of attention on the happyrobot lately with rumors of jetsetting and affairs along with her bicoastal lifestyle and successful happyrobot party. Add a jilted girlfriend named G to the mix and you have a story worthy of water cooler discussion. But just who is Mina? Where is Mina? Is she really a hard ass party girl or a misunderstood girl next door?

Sunshine Jen dispatched our top celebrity interviewer, Debra Eileen Burrows, to interview Mina in her first exclusive interview. Debra Eileen Burrows has been interviewing celebrities and wannabes for over twenty years. She has had two chin-tucks, one face lift, and numerous botox injections.

And now Debra Eileen Burrows . . .

DEB: I am reclining in wicker chairs on the veranda of Chateau Marmont with Mina of Gator Country Fame. Mina, thank you for talking with me.

M: Hiya.

DEB: I love your top. What is that made out of?

M: It's silk.

DEB: You've certainly had an interesting last few months.

M: Yeah.

DEB: But honestly, tell me, how are you doing right now?

M: Great, really great.

DEB: No unhappiness, no animosity.

M: No, not all. I'm great.

DEB: No feelings of unfulfilled potential, no childhood demons coming back to haunt you?

M: No, none at all.

DEB: Happy?

M: Very much so.

DEB: Tell me about your love life.

M: My love life?

DEB: Seeing anyone special?

M: Uhhmmmmm. That's sort of private business.

DEB: So the happyrobot party was a big success.

M: Yes, I had great fun doing that.

DEB: Has all that success changed you in anyway?

M: Nope.

DEB: Tell me about Donnie.

M: Who?

DEB: Donnie.

M: I don't know anyone named Donnie.

DEB: His girlfriend thinks you do.

M: Who's she?

DEB: She left several comments on your page.

M: Oh yeah. She's a psycho.

DEB: So she's got the wrong woman.

M: Very much so.

DEB: A case of mistaken identity.

M: Yes, that's it.

DEB: You don't know any women with the first initial G.

M: Well, I knew a Gina who was my sister's best friend in eighth grade, but that was a long time ago.

DEB: And how was the eighth grade?

M: Oh Debra, I didn't think you'd ask me about the eight grade. (begins to cry)

DEB: It's okay, Mina, it's okay.

M: Can we change the subject, please?

DEB: Okay.

M: Waiter, another mojito. Would you like anything?

DEB: Just water is fine.

M: It's okay. You can have whatever you want.

DEB: I'm trying to be professional.

M: It's okay, really, Sunshine Jen is a friend of mine.

DEB: Well in that case. Waiter, champagne!

M: That's the spirit. Where were we?

DEB: Now you have a bike.

M: A Suzuki. I really love that bike. I'm sad when we're apart. When I ride it, I just feel so fulfilled. Sorry, I didn't mean to get emotional. I just love that bike. (blows nose into tissue).

DEB: That's quite all right.

M: (to Waiter) And could I get a bowl of goldfish please.

DEB: So are you seeing anyone right now?

M: Yes, I see you. Cheers.

DEB: Oh that's very good. I'd forgotten how much I love champagne. It's just so bubbly.

M: Puts things into perspective, doesn't it.

DEB: Oh definitely. You see, Sunshine Jen doesn't understand me. She doesn't understand how hard I have to work. How much research I have to do. It's not easy, you know.

M: I know.

DEB: I mean some people are really smart and they just don't want to answer my questions, and what can I do. I am only trying to do my job and feed my cat. It's not easy. (blows nose into tissue)

M: Here, have a goldfish. They'll make you feel better.

DEB: Really?

M: Really.

DEB: I'm sorry. You must think I'm terribly unprofessional.

M: Not at all.

DEB: What were we talking about again?

M: Motorcycles.

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