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LADs and G-Girls

It's the beginning of May, and the Dodgers are sitting down in the basement of NL West with Barry Bonds. Sure they've won the last four. . .after losing five in a row. At least, they win or lose consistently. Unfortunately, they lose more than they win.

My new Dodgers cliché phrase is: they like to keep it interesting.

Still, every time Nomar comes to the plate, I feel reassured. He still does the foot thing and adjusts his gloves between swings (are they tight enough, are you sure, are you sure?). He still swings the bat with that beautiful fluid motion, the kind you write songs about. He also smiles a lot. That's good. Baseball is a fun game.

Then, there's Kenny Lofton. Sweet sweet Kenny Lofton. I remember when he was with the Indians back when the Indians were great (remember they use to have Omar Vizquel and Robbie Alomar turning double plays like ballerinas---wait, ball players might take ballerinas the wrong way---turning double plays like soaring birds of prey). Kenny Lofton is still seriously aggressive on the bases and still great at playing with pitchers' minds.

Jeff Kent seems to be seeing the ball again, so I think he'll be okay. April will soon be only a bad dream.

Yesterday, I also got to see Randy Johnson lit up by the Red Sox at my gym (the owner and trainers are big Boston fans and get all the games on satellite).

I also like how the Red Sox are looking. And how about that third baseman, Lowell? By the way, Bill Mueller is in LA. He also smiles a lot. Maybe it's a weather thing.

Moving on to another important matter. The Gilmore Girls Season Finale

Now, to the one person who will freak out because I give away what happens in the last five minutes of last night's episode, stop reading now. Yes, you, stop reading now.

Yes, I admit it. I have watched The Gilmore Girls every Tuesday for the last month and a half. I got hooked on the witty repartee, quirky characters, and hip indie soundtrack in an ideal New England world with very little weather complications.

How about that poor little Rory crying her eyes out when Logan leaves for London? Aw, young love. I hope it works out for those kids, I really do.

I saw the Christopher thing coming, but I absolutely loved the attempted set-up at the Gilmore dinner. In the midst of all this romantic angst, the oldest Gilmores are so refreshing. Martinis anyone?

Still, I feel the whole Lorelai-Luke relationship has been seriously over-plotted this season. How many obstacles can be put in their way? First, it was the Lorelai-Rory schism, then April the long lost daughter, and now Lorelai sleeps with Christopher. My aunt thought there would be a new relationship between Luke and April's mother, played by Sherilynn Fenn. Maybe next season.

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