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One year and one month ago, I wrote a post celebrating May 5, 2005 (or 5/5/5). The post was actually posted on May 6, 2005. Still, I celebrated the numeric balance of such a day. Even though 5/5/5 was fun, we all anxiously looked forward to 6/6/6 aka the Devil Day.

Well, the future is now. Or actually, the future was yesterday.

Once again, I celebrate a numeric balanced day one day late. That's okay. I'm not fretting too much about it. Maybe I'll get it right by 7/7/07.

I did not eat deviled eggs or devil's food cake on 6/6/06. I also did not see the new Omen even though for months LA has been plastered with posters telling us when exactly when the movie was coming out. No, I won't fall for such cheap studio publicity.

Yesterday, LA sat under the grey umbrella of June gloom, and it was a pretty average Tuesday. I worked in an office, went to the gym, voted in the primary, went to the movies, and watched the pitching match-up between Pedro and Derek Lowe on TV.

At the movies, I saw the Al Gore documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. Who would've thought that Al Gore would become a summer action movie hero? Save us, Al Gore, save us!

Yep, this is that documentary about global warming, and I feel I've learned a lot about it without being talked down to or made to feel too guilty. In the course of the film, we learn not only about the science of global warming, but we also learn why Al Gore has taken it up as a cause.

There is something kind of sad about the film too. This guy, who is intelligent, articulate, and even (dare I say it) witty, should have been president. However, like a true great action hero, there is little time to reflect on defeat, and he turns the defeat into his cause.

On the topic of global warming, it looks bad but there is hope. At its simplest, the earth is getting hotter, and the polar ice is melting very fast. As the water temperatures of the ocean get warmer, storms gain energy and become larger and more destructive. On the hope side, there are technologies which enable us to be less destructive to the earth. Options, ranging from hybrid cars to recycling, enable us as individuals to be less destructive without too much inconvenience.

All in all, I liked An Inconvenient Truth a lot more than I thought I would. I highly recommend it---although the Melissa Etheridge song over the closing credits felt like overkill. However, Al Gore can do power point better than Tom Hanks in The DaVinci Code.

As for the baseball game yesterday, Derek Lowe won it. However, I wonder what happened to Pedro Martinez in the 6th inning. He was pitching a two run gem (the two runs came off a homer by Nomar), then he seemed to just get hit a lot. Did the Dodgers pick up on something? I wonder. And Gagne's back with a slightly scruffier beard. He got his first save in a very zen way. Maybe he's become a Jedi.

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