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The Stars Collide

This weekend, I'm going to see a friend's band on Saturday night. I kind of love that I'm thirty cough-cough and still have friends in bands. Rock on!

In New York this weekend, Alva Rogers is performing at Dixon Place. She does kick ass performance art. One minute, you think she is floating in the fantastical then she'll stab you with her sharp wit. She's playing tonight and Saturday night. Yes, I'm shamelessly plugging my friend. You can get tickets here.

Also, in New York this weekend, Damien Dempsey is playing Rocky Sullivans. This is the same Damien Dempsey from my Damien Dempsey in LA piece. You can get tickets at the bar. He's playing tonight and Saturday night.

How did two people whose work I respect and admire come to play the exact same two nights in the same city? Something astrologically great must be in the air. Are the stars colliding? Or is it just a random thing?

Finally, let me clarify a controversial point from my last piece, Carrie Fisher Strikes Back.

In the piece, I wrote:

The boys drank White Russians.

Rich did not drink White Russians at the theatre or at any point in my presence that night. In fact, he jogged up the steps with me to find the seats. This does not mean that I do not consider Rich a boy or a member of the male gender. Rich was very much in the boy camp that evening. He just didn't drink a White Russian.

I was trying to bring up a detail briefly, and unfortunately, I stumbled into that blurry land of inaccuracy. However, Greg in Shorts and Mark (he prefers Regular Mark without the Happy) did drink White Russians, and they are both members of the male gender.

I apologize for any confusion this might have caused.

Let me also state for the record that Rich picked out a most excellent Burgundy at Ford's Filling Station after the show.

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