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Holiday Letter

I can't believe 2006 has come and gone so quickly. It feels like yesterday was 2005, and I was writing to all of you. Still, so much has happened to our family in the past year that I feel like I could write a novel---or at the very least a five part miniseries!!!!

First of all, as you can probably tell from the return address sticker (we still support UNICEF) that we moved in 2006. We now live in a new development community. We have a two-story six bedroom house with a lot of light. Ron likes the location because he only has a fifty minute commute, and he can easily get onto the freeway. I like it because it is quiet and secure. Feel free to stop by anytime you want, but be sure to call first, so we can alert the armed security guard at the front gate.

Ron is doing well. He had a brief spat of depression back in March, but he's now on medication which seems to be working. In August, he received a much deserved and long over due promotion in upper middle management. He continues to rebuild his vintage mustang, which takes up most of the space in the garage. He promised me the first ride in 2007.

You might have seen our daughter, Krista, on the reality TV show, Bikini Beach, in which girls camp out on the beach and compete for cash and prizes. Krista did quite well. She came in second although many major magazines said she should have come in first. She moved to Los Angeles in September and got some work done by a top plastic surgeon. Still, she maintains that inner beauty is what really counts. She plans to pursue modeling and acting in the new year.

Our son, Josh, spent most of 2006 in his room. However, he is at the top of his class academically. He started his junior year in September and has begun to look at colleges out of state.

In May, my sister, Heidi, left her abusive husband with her toddler son, Jarrett. At the time, she was eight months pregnant with her daughter, Megan, who was born on June 16th. Megan is the spitting image of her mother. I am pleased to report that Heidi and the kids are still living with us, and that Heidi has a restraining order out against her soon-to-be-ex husband. It has been over a decade since we've had little babies in the house at Christmas, so the holidays this year will be especially festive.

Ron's brother, Lex, has been doing extremely well since he left rehab in July. He has started a successful investment business, and he's in a committed relationship with a spinning instructor named Sasha.

Sadly, my great aunt Martha passed away in February. She was ninety-five, so her death wasn't that much of a shock. However, we will miss her biting sense of humor and her jello mold on thanksgiving.

Even with the big move, Ron, Josh, and I were able to take a week's vacation to New York City in August. The weather was hot, and the city was loud and dirty. We saw Phantom of the Opera and Rent. Josh liked the Museum of Modern Art although I don't understand why they put a Matisse in the stairway.

As for me, I took up beading this year and have recently moved over into wire jewelry making. Beading allows me a creative outlet, and I recently sold a few of my necklaces. However, any revenue gained is just icing on the cake. There's nothing more I enjoy than getting up at six in the morning and putting beads on string. It is the happiest time of my day.

That's all on my end. All of us in our family extend to you our warmest wishes for a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. Peace on earth and good will to all.

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