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Mr. Luvah

Yesterday's fuss over Ms. Solstice's use of the word, Lover, got me to thinking.

Lately, I've been pondering the right way to refer to my Luvahhhhh when I introduce him. I don't want to say, this is my luvah, because it kind of sounds pretentious with a bit too much information.

I've tried saying, this is my boyfriend, but that's a little too high school like I should be wagging my pony tail and snapping gum.

I've tried, this is my partner, but that's a little too generic. It also might lead one to ask, partner in what? Then what do I say? Partner in Luvvvvvv?

I've played with saying, significant other, but that sounds like something off an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

-Captain, we've encountered a significant other.

-Steady as she goes, Mr. Data.

I've tried honey and honey bunny, but they are impossible to say without an ironic smile on my part. Such a smile might lead people to think I'm laughing at them when I'm really laughing at myself and spitting up in my mouth.

I could just say, this is my man, but that makes me think of Lou Reed singing I'm waiting for my man, twenty-six dollars in my hand.' I could be wrong on the dollar amount, but you get the picture.

I could just say, friend, good friend, close personal friend, but that's not what we are although we are also friends. What would that make married people? Friends who threw a big party and exchanged jewelry?

I recently heard the Shaggy song, Angel, so maybe I could say, this is my angel, but that's a little too Wings of Desire.

Maybe what I could do is just introduce my Mr. Luvah by name while smiling at him with a loving a smile. It would all be in the context, I guess.

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