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Diamonds and Rubies

Chains of diamonds and rubies glowed in the night as I drove up the 405. The rubies were moving north with me, and diamonds were moving south. To someone driving south, I was an anonymous pair of diamonds among many diamonds. To someone driving north, I was a pair of rubies or a trio of rubies when my brakes came on.

On the signs lit by golden lights, the police were searching for a Child Abduction and gave the make of car and the license plate. Was it really a Child Abduction or was it a mass murderer? What if it was all just a misunderstanding?

The 405 is also called The San Diego Freeway even though it doesn't go to San Diego. It ends in Irvine where it meets the 5 which will take you down to San Diego. At rush hour, in Los Angeles, the 405 is a parking lot, and it's much easier to take surface streets if you want to get anywhere.

Van Morrison was singing on the CD player. He was quiet and loud at the same time. I tried singing along with him, but he was too good. I couldn't get the same tones out of my voice. His voice is his own.

Planes crossed over the freeway in front of me. I could see their lights far off in the distance. They were lining up to land. As they crossed over the freeway, their shapes became more visible. One plane looked like a shiny white egg with wings. I was close to LAX. I was almost home.

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