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Growing Older By the Minute

My birthday is on Saturday. I'm going to be 42.

In LA, a year is really six months, so you grow old slowly out here.

Wait, did I do the math wrong? I'm really 30.

I like to turn the whole month of April into a celebration of myself unlike the other eleven months when I'm only marginally self-absorbed.

It's hard having a birthday that sometimes falls so close to Easter. How can you compete with a guy who rose from the dead? I was just born once. However, I usually got the best Easter candy.

April is also tax season, the beginning of baseball season, national poetry month, the cruelest month, national humor month, and math awareness month. Yes, April is a month of cruel poetry and humorous math.

As I celebrate the Sunshine Jen New Year, I know this is the year when it will all come together and start to make sense. Of course, I knew that about last year and the year before and the year before.

I don't feel so old. In fact, sometimes I feel like I'm faking adulthood. I just want to go outside and play.

I should end this with a single profound sentence that works on a really deep level and makes me shiver to the core.

How about: It's happening.


I'm waiting.

I'm coming.

I'm going.

The door opens.

I walk on.

I walk though.

I walk over.

I'm walking on sunshine.

Any second now, just give me a minute. I'll get it.

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