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Vodka Infusion

Now that I'm an undeniable, never-to-be-carded-again, can't-shop-in-the-junior-section adult, I have realize that I need to have undeniably adult hobbies. These hobbies would most definitely not be acceptable around the fire at Girl Scout camp.

My favorite adult hobby is booze. I love booze. If the apocalypse happens tomorrow and all I have left is booze, I'll be okay. I stand by my love of booze. It's a good thing. Something called a spirit can not be bad.

My love of booze is not only in the consuming aspect. I also love making cocktails. I can make a dry martini cleaner than a desert. I can pour a perfect shot without a jigger. I can make a sexy Sex on the Beach.

Recently, I started infusing my own vodka. It's a relatively simple thing to do. First, I bought some decent Vodka. I like Stoli. It's a nice middle of the road vodka. I poured it into a clean sealable jar.

Next, I put in whatever I wanted to infuse with the vodka. It could be fruit, vegetables, vanilla, cinnamon. Then I sealed up the jar and stored it in a cabinet for a month or more while occasionally stirring the contents. Of course, one should taste the vodka occasionally to make sure it is coming along nicely.

For my first infusion, I tried lemons, but the result was too tart and too lemony. I think I had too much rind in the mix.

I like infusing the vodka with vanilla bean. Not only is the flavor very nice, but the vodka turns a tea-like brown color the longer the vanilla bean sits in it. Also, after a month of infusing, the flavor has a lot of depth to it.

I tried also infusing blueberries. At first, after about two weeks, the vodka had a very sweet berry flavor. However, then it turned ugly. The color went ugly brown and the flavor was yucky. Fruit is very temperamental when you're infusing and can lead to vodka confusion.

Next I will try cucumbers or maybe jalapeno peppers.

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