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Earrings with my Coffee

Getting older sucks sometimes. Occasionally, my energy just drops out in the middle of the day, and I head over to the coffee shop for a brew. I do not drink coffee late in the day often, but when I do, I get just the zip I need for another few hours of go-go-going.

Recently, I went to a coffee shop near my house. I am not a coffee shop regular. I don't know the baristas and barristers by name. They don't know my drink order by heart–-even though it's usually simple enough–-just a cup of joe, please.

So I was sitting at a table next to a wall with artwork by a local artist when I noticed the earrings. They were on display next to the boxes of tea behind the counter. Apparently, they were for sale.

Even though I know coffee shops, especially independent ones, will sell you just about anything to go with your coffee, I was shocked by the display of dangly beaded earrings. I wondered if anyone had ever come in and bought a pair to go with their coffee.

Yes, I would like a latte, a muffin, and a pair of earrings to go with my outfit.

This started me thinking about what else one could sell with coffee. Bongs were the first thing that came into my head.

Or one could set up treadmills in the coffee shop and charge for them by the minute. I get hyper when I drink too much coffee, but if you give me the space to work out that energy, I'll probably want to drink more coffee.

Coffee was originally discovered and consumed in Ethiopia, and the largest exporter of coffee is Brazil. I learned those little tidbits at trivia night last night.

Finally, what if coffee shops got together and sponsored a Day Without Coffee and didn't tell anyone? That might be a scary thing.

Epilogue: On a personal note, I am currently having wacky day from hell. I'm too spastic right now for coffee. Mercury is sooo in retrograde. Apologies for misspellings and bad grammar.

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