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Gym Wit

Yes, I know the title is a perfect rhyme of dimwit.

My gym is a Boston Red Sox fan gym. The owner, a couple of the trainers and some of the clientele are citizens of Red Sox Nation. With the recent World Series win, these citizens have been walking around in a state of floating bliss.

They're like friends who fall in love and are just so happy that it's border line annoying, but at the same time, I'm happy for them because friends should be happy for the happiness of their friends.

So I was in the gym yesterday along with Slim, a fellow worker-outer who is a White Sox fan, and Stan, a trainer and Red Sox fan. Slim and Stan are both guy-guys but also have a strong stripe of funny in them.

So Stan walks in. Slim hasn't seen him in awhile.

Slim: Congratulations on the victory.

Stan: Thanks. It feels really good like 2004 was not a fluke.

Stan says this as he walks away.

Slim: (not quite hearing) A fluke did he say?

Me: But what if this year is the fluke?

I know, I can be such the little instigator.

Slim: Yeah, what if this year was the fluke and you have to wait 86 years til the next one?

Stan: Well then, I have the memories to pass onto my grandkids. If I ever have grandkids. I guess I have to have kids first.

Slim: That would be helpful.

Me: Yeah, you gotta start ovulating first.

Stan: (not hearing) Huh?

Me: Ovulating. Ovulating! Ovulating!

Stan: Ugh. I feel so crampy. And you just don't understand. You never understand!

Me: Yes dear.

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