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Elanamatic Rocks!

I’ve decided to just bury 2007 in the backyard. I’m not going to reflect on the good movies or the good books or Brittney or the current state of things. I’m just going to let 2007 go away, fade into the distance, sink into the muck.

To me, 2007 is like the bad hangover my boyfriend had on New Year’s Day. Just take some advil and sleep it off. It will go away soon enough.

While boyfriend was sleeping, I was a bundle of energy and walked around downtown San Diego. In my travels, I bought two tank tops and found two pennies on the sidewalk. The pennies were new and had a bright penny shine to them.

I picked up the pennies and looked at them. Have things gotten so bad that people now pass by two pennies? I held them between my thumb and first finger. Side by side, they formed a number eight. Eight, as in 2008, okay things are looking up. Got two pennies.

Then, when I finally got home last night, there was an envelope waiting for me from Canada. Elanamatic had sent me some Canadian chocolates and cookies! Woohoo! I love Canada. If there’s any part of Canada with the same climate as Southern California, I would so move there. I could totally get into hockey. I know a game is three periods long.

So woohoo again! And thank you so much Elana, you rock.

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