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Reality TV in Haiku Form

American Idol

Yo, check it out, shouts
Randy after all the songs
As the young girls scream

Dancing With The Stars

Ms. Yamaguchi
Was once a figure skater
She can dance in heels.

Rock of Love 2

Eighties rock has-been
Kisses big breasted women
Filled with ambition

Hell’s Kitchen

Chef Gordon Ramsay
Fuckedy Fuck Fuck Shit Fucks
Food Incompetence

Celebrity Fit Club

Pampered D-listers
Try to lose body fat as
Harvey snarls and yells at them

Top Chef

Boring competent
Chefs make serious cuisine
Which viewers can’t taste.

Project Runway

Fierce was the winner
And Victoria Beckham
Said she’d wear his clothes

Real Housewives of New York City

Can we talk later?
Asked a man as he tried to
Keep his dignity

America’s Next Top Model

Modeling is hard
And you can’t just be pretty
Says the wise Tyra

American Idol 2

Simon speaks his truth
To delusions of stardom
As the young girls boo

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