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Manny's Dream

The following is a transcript of a Sunshine Jen writing staff conversation overheard at a Starbucks on the west side of Los Angeles yesterday afternoon.

The transcript was transcribed by Ed Edwards who was blocked on his screenplay, a romantic comedy/psychological thriller based on the barista he has a crush on. Since Ed was sitting at the table next to the writing staff, he could type every word he heard into his Macbook. However, he decided to honorable and hoped to get some work out of it, so he informed Patreeecia Bachata, creative director of Sunshine Jen, what he had done and promptly emailed her the transcript. Patreeecia sent him back a twenty dollar Starbucks card in appreciation for his work.

When she looked over the transcript, Patreeecia realized that Ed had given each Sunshine Jen writer a nick name. For example, in his transcript, Ed referred to Patreeecia as Power Pumps in obvious reference to her shoes. He called Summer Kandinsky, hot chick and referred to Donal Mullen, the travel writer, as foreign guy. Finally he called Jim Timmons (the new head of research) simply Jock most likely because he wore a baseball cap backwards on his head and hid his intelligence behind a look of pure blankness.

In order to keep our readers from being massively confused, we have gone back to the writers’ actual given names (or for the sake of time, initials).

PB: So I see baseball season is almost over.

DM: I don’t watch baseball.

JT: Angels are definitely in the playoffs. Yankees are definitely not. Dodgers have a magic number of seven.

SK: The Dodgers could make it.

PB: Magic number?

JT: Dodgers have to win and Arizona has to lose a combination of seven games.

PB: Sounds complex.

SK: It’s not. The Dodgers just have to win, and luckily they’re playing San Francisco and San Diego. Still, given the rate of injuries on the Dodgers roster this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if the team comes down with a rare strain of malaria and stumbles into October. Still, I have to stay positive.

JT: Damn Summer, you follow baseball.

SK: Just the majors.

DM: Baseball’s just a variation of cricket.

JT: Yeah, I’m a Red Sox fan.

SK: Really?? Well thank you for Manny.

JT: You’re welcome to him and his dramas.

SK: I believe in Manny. I believe in Manny’s dream. I think Manny has a dream and that dream is Fenway. I think Manny dreams of playing once again in Fenway, and he is doing everything he can to get back there.

JT: Oh, did you read that somewhere?

SK: No, I just made it up. We make things up in LA.

JT: But wouldn’t there be a lot of factors beyond Manny’s control---like both the Dodgers and the Red Sox have to win their respective pennants.

SK: Those are just minor details in Manny’s dream. Just think: Fenway, Manny, Joe Torre. There is so much for Joe Carter to go on and on about.

PB: I read the Dodgers can play music in the club house now. And they’re much more relaxed.

JT: Really?

PB: Read it in the paper.

SK: They’ll probably face the Cubs first. You know, the Cubs, team of destiny, hundred years, blah, blah, blah, but Manny has the dream, and the Red Sox are good enough.

JT: I’m worried about them though. The Devil Rays---oh sorry, the Rays look really good.

DM: I’m gonna get another Americano. Does anyone want anything?

JT: Just a refill on the house blend.

PB: Double non-fat latte.

SK: I’m fine, thanks.

(Donal goes over to Layla, the barista and shining star in the purple and green Starbucks interior.)

PB: Oh, have you heard the latest about Sunshine Jen.

JT: I thought we all were Sunshine Jen.

PB: No, the real Sunshine Jen.

SK: (to JT) Have you met her yet?

JT: No.

SK: She’s awesome.

PB: Sunshine Jen is doing improv comedy this weekend.

SK: Wow, I didn’t know she did improv.

PB: She says it keeps her mind sharp.

JT: But isn’t that what we’re all here for.

PB: Anyway, she’s doing improv comedy with her class on Sunday at 4:30 at UCB, and we’re all invited.

JT: How does one learn how to be funny?

SK: I don’t think one can learn to be funny, but one can sharpen one’s funniness.

PB: Sunshine Jen says her class is really funny.

SK: I’m going. Do you want to go together, Jim? There’s a good French place next to the theatre, and we could grab a bite afterwards. We should car pool because parking around there is a bitch.

JT: Okay.

At this point, Ed was distracted by Layla frothing the milk, so the transcript ends here.

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