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The Sazerac Cocktail

Yep, I'm finally smacking in the February Smackdown.

In my drink mixing, I’ve been playing around with Rye and the Sazerac cocktail. I like the Sazerac. It’s booze mixed with booze, bitters, and sugar. No fruity bullshit. To learn about the Sazerac (which is apparently the official cocktail of New Orleans), go here and here.

When I make my Sazerac, I start with a cocktail glass at room temperature, and I line it with absinthe. Don’t let any absinthe stay in the bottom. You just want to coat the inside of the glass. A little absinthe goes a long way.

Into my cocktail shaker, I throw rye (2 oz is fine), six dashes of Peychaud’s Bitters (it’s crazy pink), and a tea spoon of sugar (you can also use a sugar cube or some simple syrup, but sugar is sugar). Shake it, shake it, shake it until it is thoroughly mixed. Pour into the absinthe-lined cocktail glass. Throw in a twist of lemon, drink, enjoy. It’s yummy.

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