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Goodbye Summer Goodbye

The writing staff of Sunshine Jen wishes to apologize for the lack smacks during the happyrobot February smackdown and the lack of words in general in 2009.

Unfortunately, a beloved member of our writing staff, Summer Kandinsky, recently left us after selling a spec screenplay for six figures (which is twice as many figures as we pay her here at Sunshine Jen).

Summer really wanted to stay, but she also wanted to buy a new red smart car which she thought was really cute. So Hollywood money won out in the end.

Our interns planned a festive going away party and chose a Hawaiian theme with leis and flowers everywhere. Many asked why the interns didn’t choose a Hollywood theme, but the interns rolled their eyes and claimed it was too obvious.

With her third Mai Tai in her hand, Summer stood up and thanked everyone. Here is a transcript of her speech:

First, I want to thank Sandra, Electra, Kirk, and. . .what’s the other guys name. . .Joel! You guys gave me an awesome party. I love Hawaii. I love Mai Tais. Patreeecia, thank you so much for giving me a job here at Sunshine Jen. I have learned so much about the world and life and words. Thank you so much. Also thank you to my fellow writer Donal for pushing me and inspiring me. And the Research department. Who is the Research Department now? Tony and Jean! Thank you, Tony and Jean, and all the Research Department people through the years. You guys rock! Who else do I want to thank? Oh yeah, my sweet little dog, Sugar, Sugar honey, mommy loves you. (kissing sounds) And Sunshine Jen who is responsible for all this. Wherever you are, Sunshine Jen, I dedicate this Mai Tai to you. And Mom and Dad, my last Mai Tai was for you. And Mrs. Gregory, my ninth grade writing teacher, the first Mai Tai was for you. Thank you all, so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And please, come visit me in my condo.

After Summer spoke, she took Sugar out to do her business. The party broke up soon after that. Donal drove Summer back to his place where they resolved their unspoken sexual tension while Sugar chased her tail out on the patio.

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