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Naked in the Desert

I was drinking beer with some buddies at a Hollywood networking thing last night when a guy came up to us to tell us about his film. This was not surprising since it was a Hollywood networking thing.

In the realm of Hollywood networking things, it was pretty low key, and I enjoyed a nice red beer and minor angst. Usually, there’s lots of angst when creative types get together in Hollywood. I think it’s because the weather out here is too good, and most people don’t read novels, but that’s a discussion for another day.

So this guy comes up to us and starts going on about his film. He’s full of positive energy and gumption and can-do and hope and faith and everything one would need to make an independent film. I liked his energy but after the initial flame, the embers of it died for me. Then he started talking about his film.

And I have the two main characters naked in the desert. He said bursting with pride as if desert nudity was the thing that was going to put him over the top. Now, I know what Lawrence of Arabia was missing.

But wouldn’t you want to put clothes on in the desert because of sun exposure? I asked.

I personally would get a nasty burn if I had no clothes on in the desert.

They’re naked at night. You see them from the back walking away from the camera. He said.

But wouldn’t they be cold? Once the sun goes down, it gets mighty cold in the desert. I said.

The guy looked at me baffled, then said:

It’s the movies.

Fortunately, a young blonde actress type walked in the door, and the guy hustled over to her. Thank heaven for young blonde actresses.

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