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The Sunshine Jen Think Tank

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Sunshine Jen has gotten its very own Think Tank. It’s great. We set it up in the backyard.

It wasn’t easy getting the giant Think Tank into the backyard. Maybe we shouldn’t have filled it with hot water before we moved it. Water is really heavy. We should think about that.

Once the Think Tank was in place, we soon realized that there was no way to easily get into the Think Tank, so we had to pull the step ladder out of the garage. However, in order to get to the step ladder, we had shift the surf boards out of the way. We don’t use the step ladder very often. I wonder why.

Fortunately, with the aid of the step ladder, we were able to easily cannonball into the Think Tank. Unfortunately, the water had turned really cold. For a few minutes, our thinking time was devoted to thinking warm thoughts.

Once we had adjusted to our new wet surroundings, we floated on our backs, looked up at the bright blue sky, and thought deep thoughts.

Now all we need is a grant.

And a Mojito.

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