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The Wolverine and the Kingsnake

On Saturday, after a morning Wolverine Adrenaline rush, I felt the need to move and hike in a natural environment, so I did a quickie hike up the Getty View Trail just off Sepulveda.

It was a pretty simple trail. You go up, you see the Getty and the 405 parking lot. You go up some more. You hear the 405 parking lot. You get to a fire road. You look out at multi-million dollar homes perched on the tops of mountains. You go back down the same trail.

It was an hour of dust and dirt and switchbacks. It wasn’t super intense, but it was enough to get some Wolverine out of my system. By the way, I think the guy sitting next to me described the movie best when he called it melodrama for boys. Still, Hugh Jackman with his four percent body fat and Liev Schreiber with his fangy teeth got to me. Sure they fought, but they were brothers too. I kept waiting for them to kiss.

Anyway, moving on. As I was going down the trail, I came upon a couple hiking in their own little world. I could tell they were in their own little world because they didn’t hear me approach until I was right behind them.

Oh goodness, I thought you were a mountain lion. The female said to me.

Nope. Sorry. I said as I passed them.

Two seconds later, I nearly stepped on a baby Kingsnake sitting on the trail. Fortunately, it was orange and black and white, so it really stood out.

SNAKE! I shouted as the Kingsnake scurried off the path and into a bush. The couple saw it as well. But then we all moved on.

That evening, when I told my significant other about the snake, he said, Oh yeah, Kingsnakes are good. They eat Rattlesnakes.

Maybe I could create a super hero called Kingsnake. He would wear orange, black, and white spandex.

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