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The Mellow Yellow See-through Blouse

Recently, Honey Bunny, Spider Monkey, and I went out to dinner at a hip but reasonably priced eatery. I chose this eatery because this was going to be the first meal with both Honey Bunny (aka the significant other) and Spider Monkey (aka fun female friend or FiFFa). Whenever I bring two people together, I like to have cocktails nearby in case they don’t like each other.

We were shown to our table by a hostess with the figure of a pencil. This was not surprising since many women in LA have no curves. However, Honey Bunny and Spider Monkey became intrigued with what she was wearing, and I soon realized that they would definitely get along.

The hostess was wearing a black skirt and black flats, but it was her top that caught their attention. It was a creamy yellow see through blouse with a black bra underneath it. The blouse itself was sleeveless with ruffles down the front, and I thought it was a happy summer top.

Honey Bunny and Spider Monkey could not stop talking about it. They just couldn’t get over the black bra. I should also mention that both Honey Bunny and Spider Monkey both like looking beneath the obvious surface, so instead of just admiring the pretty blouse, they took it down to the black bra. They analyzed not only the black bra itself but also the implications of the black bra. Should one look or not look? What does it all mean?

I tried to turn the topic back to the ruffles. It was just not possible, so I sipped my very strong mai tai (I was in a fruity mood). Dinner conversation did cover other topics like the size of the waitress’s head, but after we were stuffed, we decided to go somewhere else for desert.

As we headed out the door, I hung back.

I really like your top. I told the hostess.

Ohhh. Thank you. The hostess said as if I was the first person to complement her all day.

Where did you get it? I asked.

Nordstrom. On sale.
She said.

Oh really? That’s great. I said and left the eatery to join Honey Bunny and Spider Monkey outside. They were both smoking, and they both looked perplexed.

Nordstrom. I said brushing away the secondary smoke with my hand.

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