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My Gray Knit Cap

I have a gray knit cap. I’ve had it for years. It dates back to before I moved to Los Angeles.

I think I bought it in either Cleveland or New York at some army surplus store. Or maybe it was a sporting goods store. Or maybe it was Wal Mart. It was part of a two-pack, and the other cap, a navy blue one, is long gone lost.

I brought my gray knit cap with me on the Shannon boat trip, and I kept wearing it even when the sun came out (it’s an LA thing). In fact, I think it’s on my head in all the pictures of me. It became the thing I always had on.

Many years ago, when Honey Bunny and I first went to Ireland, we spent the day out on Slim Jim’s boat at the end of October. I had layered well with a windbreaker and fleece, but I didn’t have anything on my head. Slim Jim, ever vigilant, had an extra knit cap which he loaned me, and I realized that all I needed in the Irish weather was a good knit cap. Yes, I needed a decent coat and gloves as well, but the knit cap was key.

When we were walking through Boyle on our way to dinner, the cap slipped out of my pocket. I wasn’t too worried. I had a hood to keep my head warm. Besides, I figured it was time for the gray knit cap to go off on its own adventures without me. I also had a standby cap---a high tech thinsulate one, but it wasn’t as comfortable.

Later that night, as we were walking back from the pub, I spotted a gray clump on the sidewalk on the other side of the street. I quickly crossed the road with Honey Bunny behind me and picked up my gray knit cap. It wasn’t ready to leave me yet. It still had other adventuring to do with me.

My Grey Knit Cap

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