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The Real Gourmet Burger & De Mad Hoor

Gourmet burgers seem to be all the rage right now in Ireland. Instead of just having a burger, you can have a special gourmet burger made with high quality meats a sourdough roll with cheese and various condiments. In other words, it’s a burger which costs a little more.

I only ate at one gourmet burger restaurant while in Ireland---Real Gourmet Burger in Dublin. We had just stumbled off a transatlantic flight. High on jet lag and starving for something served on a plate and not in a plastic container, we met Honey Bunny’s brother for lunch.

Real Burger has a very modern vibe with white plastic chairs and lots of wood. It’s the kind of place where work colleagues can eat lunch, feel a little pampered, not spend too much money, and rejuvenate for the afternoon. It sits on the fine line between gastro spa and white collar cafeteria.

I had a cheese burger with no mayo on a rectangular plate along with a side of rosemary chips (aka potato wedges). Even though the rosemary was nice touch, I found the portion way too big for my appetite. When I get tired, I don’t want to eat, but in this case, I knew I needed the protein shot to keep me going another eight or nine hours. I chowed down on the burger, and it was pretty good. It was definitely a real burger.

While I was walking around Athlone, I stumbled upon De Mad Hoor, a gourmet burger shop on the corner of the new sparkly mega super duper shopping center.

The name intrigued me. Did Hoor rhyme with floor or was it something in the Irish language? I tend to butcher Irish language vowels like a coyote in a hen house. As someone whose last name is a mass of consonants, I don’t like blowing words in other languages. I am trying, and I am getting better. I just need to hear a word a thousand times to get it right.

I asked Honey Bunny’s sister about correct pronunciation of De Mad Hoor, and she confirmed that yes indeed, hoor did rhyme with floor. She also added that a friend had eaten there and said the burgers were lovely.

So yes, De Mad Hoor does translate as The Mad Whore. I wonder how parents explain Mad Hoor when their child asks.

Well dear, a mad hoor is a woman who is a strong businesswoman, in charge of her own body, with a hunger for meat served between slices of bread.

I think every town should have a mad whore. We have plenty here in LA. Maybe we could ship a few over to Ireland. Maybe it could be an exchange program.

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