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Manny Being Manny

I have been trying to translate what some of the commentators said about Manny Ramirez during the Dodgers-Cardinals National League Division Series (which the Dodgers swept, ohhh yes, I believe in Joe Torre).

Some months back when Ramirez got suspended fifty games for an illegal substance, my hiking buddy (and citizen of Red Sox Nation) told me that he was so over the Manny drama. I understood his exhaustion. Ramirez inspires commentary that borders on the theatre of the absurd. However, I remember the Cleveland years, and I’m not prepared to write him off.

Then came the NLDS, and listening to the Manny talk, I started to feel stoned even though I hadn’t smoked any weed.

This is my understanding of Manny haze:

Usually the Manny wackiness is just Manny being Manny because at the plate, he is a genius. However, lately, Manny hasn’t been Manny. He’s been a different Manny, yet he seems to be getting back to himself.

So is that just Manny being Manny or is he being a different Manny which is just a manifestation of the usual Manny? If Manny isn’t being Manny, who is he then? Has he jumped out of his body and taken over A-Rod’s at-bats. After all, A-Rod has been trying to find himself for awhile.

So since Manny is not Manny, one does not need to intentionally walk him like Albert Pujols (who seemed not quite himself during the series either). But what if Manny suddenly becomes Manny, does that mean he is back to himself or is it just a temporary thing?

And what about the Phillies?

My mind bobbles like a bobblehead. Then again, there was the great bobblehead home run. Oh Manny, who are you?

Then again, this is LA. Manny can be anyone he wants to be. He can even drink green tea like Joe Torre does. Drink the tea, Manny! Drink the tea!

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