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Since Monday, Los Angeles has been under rain, cold winds, cloudy skies, and more rain followed by cloudy skies, cold temperatures, rain, hail, hail, hail, more clouds. Usually, the weather in Los Angeles is simple, sunny and seventy, then the next day, sunny and seventy. It doesn’t change. Day after day, it’s always the same.

But this week, the weather had some drama to it. I’ve been drinking hot chocolate and actually paying attention to what the weather girl on the news was saying instead of what she was wearing. When she announced that several microbursts have touched down in the area, I turned to my aunt and asked, what’s a microburst?

As if she was reading my mind, the weather girl explained (with the some cool computer graphic visuals) that a microburst has the power of a tornado but it’s not a tornado. Unlike a tornado where the winds are curving and converging, a microburst is made up of winds diverging in a straight line. It sounded rigid and mean like swords of wind.

I decided to google microbursts and found a nice explanation here with pictures.

Meanwhile, I continue to walk through Dublin with Bloom and company. It’s just after four in the afternoon and I got to sit in on a sing song at Ormonds. Bloom had the cider. I’m enjoying the being and beinglessness of it all. I’m enjoying that the book comes in bursts, and Joyce can change it up in a sentence. I’m enjoying the journey of it, but mostly, I am enjoying the Dublin sunshine while in rainy and grey Los Angeles.

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