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The Consumer

Once upon a time, there was a man who ate everything. He ate animals. He ate trees. He drank down gallons and gallons of chemicals. He even ate babies because they tasted good. He ate and he ate until he could not get out of his chair.

On the day he could not get out of his chair, he cried for help, but no one was around to help him.

No one was around to help him because they had all run away to avoid being eaten after he had taken huge bites out of some of them.

With no one around to eat, the man began to eat himself. First, he ate one leg, then the other, then one arm, then the other. Then, he bent over and ate the fat around his belly. Then, he drank down his own blood. When he had eaten as much of himself as he could, he still felt hungry. Fortunately, he could roll out of his chair, but when he hit the floor, he smashed all of his bones.

With no bones to hold him together, the man collapsed into a mess of guts and organs, and he was dead, and no one came to eat the rest of him.

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