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The Morning Routine

Announcer: Now getting out of bed, representing the United States of America, Sunshine Jen.


Scott Hamilton: Sunshine Jen knows she has to do a solid morning routine to impress the judges and win Olympic gold.

Sandra Bezic: I saw her warm up, and she seemed a little tight.

Tom Hammon: She had told our own Andrea Joyce that she was up late last night watching men’s figure skating, and that didn’t end until well after midnight, so fatigue might be a factor.

Scott Hamilton: Her first move is an archback with a two foot landing.

Tom Hammon: Going for Olympic gold, here is Sunshine Jen’s morning routine.

(music starts)

Scott Hamilton: Archback! Two foot landing!

Sandra Bezic: Wow! She got some air on that one.

Tom Hammon: She’s putting on her slippers.

Scott Hamilton: So much of what the judges are looking for are the little details, the transitions, as you can see here as she crosses to the tea kettle.

Tom Hammon: She said that if she poured the water cleanly into the tea kettle, she would own the rest of the routine.

Scott Hamilton: Here comes the pour! Wow!

Sandra Bezic: Look how fluid that was!

Tom Hammon: You know Scott, we talk so much about Olympic pressure, but we really are not seeing that in Sunshine Jen.

Scott Hamilton: She definitely is relaxed and enjoying herself. And now we’re moving into a tricky maneuver. She has to fish the home delivered New York Times out from under the car in the driveway. And she’s got it!

Sandra Bezic: And you can hear the crowd going wild.

Tom Hammon: She has definitely won the crowd, but has she won the judges?

Scott Hamilton: If she keeps going like this, I think she will be pretty unstoppable.

Tom Hammon: So much has been said about her height, and when asked about her high center of gravity, she simply shrugged and said from tall things, taller things grow.

Scott Hamilton: She’s worked so hard for this, and she is fighting for every second of this routine. She’s going into the breakfast section.

Sandra Bezic: She’s toasting the bread! She’s pouring the tea!

Tom Hammon: Wow!

Scott Hamilton: Amazing! This is where all her training, all her work, all her hours in the gym, pays off. She’s showing no sign of fatigue.

Tom Hammon: We spotted her earlier speaking Irish with her Russian coach. She said she likes the flavor of the Irish tea with vanilla rice milk. She said she switched over from cow’s milk not for any health reason, but because she simply liked the taste.

Scott Hamilton: And she is showing during this breakfast sequence just how strong she is. Look at her buttering technique.

Tom Hammon: For years, she had cereal in her breakfast sequence, but now she prefers toast.

Sandra Bezic: Such flare.

Scott Hamilton: She’s building up speed now. One more element. She just has to get into the shower. She’s giving us the morning routine of her life. She couldn’t have done it any better than that.

Tom Hammon: She’s turning on the water.

Sandra Bezic: Oh wow.

Scott Hamilton: She did it! She did it! Sunshine Jen just gave us the morning routine of her life! All the pressure! All the concern! And Sunshine Jen delivers!

Tom Hammon: If that’s not a gold medal performance, I don’t know what is.

Sandra Bezic: So relaxed. So strong.

Scott Hamilton: She knows she did it! She knows she came here and gave the best routine of her life. She couldn’t have done it any better.

Tom Hammon: And we’ll be back in a moment with her scores.

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