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To Be or Not To Be in Pictures

Recently, someone I had never met before told me that I looked better in person than in a picture she had seen of me. I wasn’t sure how to take that especially since the off-handed complimenter was younger and blonder than I was. Still, I smiled and continued to enjoy my brunch. It takes a helluvalot to make me not enjoy brunch, and Miss Thing was worthy of less words than a fruit fly.

On facebook, several friends replaced pictures of themselves with pictures of famous people they look like. I spent five minutes pondering if I should put up a picture of someone famous or just leave it as is. I decided to leave it as is because I don’t want facebook to take up more than five minutes of my life.

About once a month in Los Angeles, I am told by someone I just met that I look familiar to him or her. Have we met before? Do I know you from somewhere? Maybe I am famous and I just don’t know it. But that would mean that there are pictures of me out in the world. Maybe someone on facebook is using my picture in their picture space. Should I get some glamour headshots made of me? Nah, those glamour shots will not look like me.

Sometimes pictures are not worth a thousand words, so I’m gonna end this post with less than three hundred of them.

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