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A Very Special Announcement to the Sunshine Jen Readership

Dear Very Special Readers,

I just wanted to let you all know that I will no longer be writing the Sunshine Jen column on happy robot.

After six years and 425 posts, I have completely run out of ideas. There is no more sunshining left in my head. I have nothing more to say about life in Los Angeles or the fictional universes I have created in this forum. I have nothing more to say about film, art, or theatre. I have no more bar napkin poetry or stories about world travel.

In fact, I’m totally over the whole blogging thing along with the whole facebook thing and the emailing thing. I’m totally over technology, so I’ve decided to give up computers. I’m also giving up television because the shows are all lame. I’ll keep my cell phone though. I haven’t gone completely off the rails.

I have appreciated all your comments through the years along with the words of my fellow happy robot writers. It’s all a positive thing, but it is time for me to start traveling on.

Finally, I wish to thank my family and friends. I tried to keep you all out of the interweb fish tank, and I apologize for the bad pictures.

Finally, to everyone reading this, I just wish to say:

Wait for it. . .

It's coming. . .


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