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Happy Awesome Chick Day!

The calendar department of Sunshine Jen has decided to declare the first Monday after Mother’s Day to be Awesome Chick Day.

For mothers, Awesome Chick Day enables the mother day festivities to continue for twenty-four more hours. For those Awesome Chicks who are not mothers (aka the Nonmoms), Awesome Chick Day enables them to also celebrate with chocolates and flowers and brunch.

Any female of any age and all the other stuff can be an Awesome Chick. There’s no specific criteria for Awesome Chickness. There’s no test or form or fee. There’s no rule or ritual. Just relish in the awesomeness.

On Awesome Chick Day, let’s celebrate those Awesome Chicks in our lives who are too cool for a Hallmark card but not above flowers or chocolates. Let’s celebrate the awesomeness of chicks.

For some chicks, the awesomeness might not be obvious. We might not see all that they do. They might even be invisible (which is a pretty cool power to have).

Happy Awesome Chick Day to all the Awesome Chicks out there, and here’s to another year of Awesomeness.

I learned this morning that Lena Horne had passed away. She was 92, but I always figured she would live forever. She had that quality to her. She was an Awesome Chick.

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