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Saturday Reject Letters

I hate getting reject letters on Saturdays. I can handle getting them on the weekdays because they just become just one more barrel to jump over in the hustle of the week.

However, on Saturdays, their arrival sucks rocks, totally depresses me, and sends me into a why-oh-why funk making me want to go drink even though drinking on Saturday sucks because all the bars are filled with people wanting to have a good time and shout it up because it's the weekend. Woohoo! We're all happy! It's the weekend! We have shallow lives and will throw up later! Woohoo!

Do you ever go to that place where happy people pierce your skin with little pins like you were their own personal voodoo doll? Yep, that's where I go when the reject letters arrive on Saturdays.

I never save my reject letters. I tear them up and toss them into the trash. Why save them? It's done. Move onto the next thing. Let the rejection just sit in the trash next to the coffee grounds and the strange smelling paper towels. Take that Saturday reject letters! Hah!

(yes, this is a venting post)

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