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To gather or collect swiftly and unceremoniously; grab

But you said we could stay up forever

You say Merry Christmas and I say who cares
You say Happy Hanukkah and I say bring it on
You say Cookies and I say nothing
You say Manly Man and I say beast
You say Fritata Oblongata and I say stovepipe
You say Mandibular Exorcism and I say pass the sauerkraut
You say Watch Out For That Bus and I say sayonara
You say Squash is good for you and I say then you eat more of it
You say Slow Down and I say your mom
You say Perilous Conjecture in the Hearts of the Young and I say slush
You say What Matters is Love and I say we all know this, but it all comes down to the mighty dollar
You say Give and I say grozny
You say Wicked Cool and I say trashy enthusiasm
You say Peace to the Meat and I say hit that dog
You say Gave at the Office and I say give ‘til it hurts, Chum
You say Bolus is Choking Me and I say pass the peas please
You say Mighty Sword Execution Style Monday and I say play it again sam
You say Heated Action Star Involves Minor and I say what channel
You say Look to the Stars and I say look to your left
You say Clogged Arterial Misspelling and I say cheese makes everything taste better
You say Ghosts in the Laundry Again and I say deliberation of justice = dead babies on sunday
You say smelly fingers please even the most hard-to-please customer and I say tell me something I don't know
You say the Devil creates wisdom and I say Wisdom creates the Wicked Child
You say Peace on Earth Good Will to Men and I say Hearty Belligerence will get you everywhere
You say my mamma told me you better shop around and I say How much for the soul of that ghastly shrew
You say and the colored girls sing: Doo, doodoo, doo, doo, doodoo, doo and I say When is it going to be enough. How much is enough. Does it ever end
You say Nothing Is New and I say Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I ate a rat today, and so will you
You say Slackety Slar and I say Precise measurement of combustion ratios will bring a deep and dreamless sleep
You say Am I Making A Difference and I say Keep it down in there
You say What Would I do if Today Were My Last Day and I say Aaahh Freak out! Le Freak, C'est Chic
You say Erotic Transformation Superstar and I say Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test is a book I could not finish
You say Come on Now, it can't be True and I say you can't handle the tooth
You say Will this go On Forever and I say I hope note
You say Sometimes we are all a little crazy when it comes to matters of the heart and I say Tell it like it is
You say it's all a lie and I say You Have No Idea
You say These Things, they never end well and I say No, they never do; except for when they do and we are surprised that they have, and we forget the past
You say Lest we Forget and I say I can't remember the last time I was able to forget
You say why do I know palindrome and I say that is not my business
You say Just One More and I say Jesus says, time's up
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