Film and Television Rights: My Apologies

for that outburst. I'm sorry. I don't mean to offend.

I've been looking at the CNN election coverage graphics linked on happyrobot, and they're very cool. Aside from scrolling over the counties of my old home state of North Carolina and seeing those wonderful familiar names pop up--like Anson and Bertie, Currituck and Ashe--clicking on a county gives you its election results.

I noticed Kerry won many of the counties in North Carolina where cities (and universities) are, including that of my last Southern home, Greensboro. He also won the counties that hold Charlotte, Durham, and Chapel Hill, among others. Interesting. I wonder if that's the case in all 50 states.

I also noticed Kerry lost to Bush 4 to 1 in the large, rural, bible-thumping county where I grew up. The largest town (where I was raised) was probably about 1/4 of the total population, and if I remember correctly from the many beer bottles thrown at me from passing pickup trucks and the echoes of "Fa-g&ot" and "P*ssy" hanging in the summer night's honeysuckled air, the Dumbass Ratio was also about 4 to 1.

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