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7 April 2005

A Horse Is A Horse?
filed: cutesy
Mred3My boyfriend delivered a bed to a woman the other day. This woman's  house was so crowded with animals he and his co-workers could barely find a place to put the new bed. Outside her house was a miniature horse, which followed them inside  to play with the house goat, 10 dogs, plus there was a hedgehog, a pot bellied pig, numerous birds, and various other critters.

Certain that that lady was a hoarder, I inquired if the house was filthy, but he said it was surprisingly unstinky and he assured me that it appeared that they were all very well taken care of and they had a lot of room outside to run around as well. All that aside, it got me thinking about miniature horses, I wonder how much my apartment complex would charge for a pet deposit for a *miniature horse?  I've heard of miniature cats before, but I hate regular sized cats, so a mini-one won't do. Not even a munchkin. In the interim, I think I'll just make do with Animal Planet, it doesn't shed.

*Note: As silly and cute as these mini horses are, they actually are used as guide animals for the blind and visually impaired. In fact, back when I was a retail slut, I often saw the people from the above foundation training the horses at our local mall. Pretty damn cool.

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