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a message on our mailbox--oh sh*t??!
Wednesday, July 20, 2005

› by victoria

So today, Biff and I are heading back in to the apt, me for like 5 minutes so I can change my clothes and pretend that I'm a clean human being when in actuality I shower maybe once every 2 days, and we see this message... on our mailbox! from the landlady!

Oh HELLS no. That was my exact reaction. Apparently she wants to "see us."

My instant reaction: well, you know the alarm systems that go off in cheezy submarine/spaceship movies? with the buzzers, sirens, weird computerized voices that go "Warning. Warning. Evacuate"--that was what it was like in my head.

Now Biff says he will handle this in a calm, cool and professional way, unlike the way he handled an earlier debacle where he didn't keep his cool. I say, alright, but you had better stay cool (*partly because i'm selfish and i don't want our/my stuff kicked out to the curb), because when you're talking to her, you have to bear in mind that she's apt to fly off the handle at any time and start screaming obscenities at you while shoving you, the way she did to some other poor person that we saw 2 days ago trying to get in the front door.

So that's why I'm nervous. Please, any words of encouragement would be appreciated.

Also, Robert is throwing a party on saturday night. I was feeling very nervous about going, mostly because I don't want to be a subject of scrutiny and judgement by my ex-highschool-peers. But he (Robert) stopped by my place of work yesterday and managed to talk me into it. (*By the way, Robert: Biff is much more likely to go if I can talk Pedro into coming to the party as well, so we might have Pedro coming too.) He (Robert) said that Biff is a subject of much intense curiosity and scrutiny amongst the intellectual elite from our highschool, because Biff is "cool." This is true. If "cool" is something derived from scarcity, then that only further reinforces Biff's worth in coolness. However, I just find it amusing, imagining this party to be like a Louis XIVth costume ball, with Biff being the fabled "Marquis de Carabas." Or something like that.

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