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walking on north
Tuesday, July 19, 2005

› by victoria

we were walking on north on saturday, i believe, and this 50-something man who looked like a griot from a movie approached us. There were two small boys behind him, one wearing a big blue t-shirt, and one wearing a red t-shirt, and they looked like brothers.

The man comes up to us as we're walking, and he taps me ont he elbow, and he says "Excuse me, sir, miss, I don't mean to be botherin' you an' I don't ask for this kind of thing often, but these are my boys, and they just finished playin in their sports game an' they're hungry, an I'd like to be able to take 'em to McDonald's..."

The two boys look up at us, and I give them the $2 I was going to use for bus money. And the man says "Say thank you" so the boys say thank you and they both give me a hug, and shake biff's hand, and they all head off together in the direction that sillhouettes them against the sunset, across the street to McDonald's.

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