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i need some help with this feng shui...
Tuesday, July 26, 2005

› by victoria

There's so much that I want to say, and so little time to say it in, that I'm frustrated and the words are stumbling out of my fingers on top of each other like Day-After-Thanksgiving shoppers with bloated carts...

The shuttle launch is in 15 minutes. If it doesn't blow up (which would be sad, but I really wouldn't be surprised, since it would probably be a leaky gasket or thing-a-ma-bob), it will be uneventful. Honestly, sometimes i wonder about the space program: back in the 1960's we supposedly put some astronauts on the frikkin' moon and that was when computers ran on punch-card data we have uber-sophisticated computers, and yet we can't even launch a shuttle correctly? It seems odd. But anyways...

The Feng Shui of the bedroom is bad. I was looking up this book on the way of the "Flying Star" Feng Shui, and it said that having any of these things in a bedroom is bad:

> Feet pointed towards door while you sleep: this is the "position of death" (?!)

> Window behind your head while you sleep

> A mirror facing the bed (we unfortunately have one: it's imbedded in a closet door so there's not much I can do about it)

> Facing west while you sleep: I believe (not sure at this point) that you're supposed to face north

etc. etc. Basically we have all of the above conditions: our Feng Shui must be so bad that it's amazing I can sleep. Biff can't, though. His insomnia has gotten past the point of cranky baby velociraptor from Jurassic Park : now it has gotten to the point of a cranky-as-all-HELL Trotsky-like figure who will start throwin' ice picks around 'cuz he hasn't gotten any sleep. (*His hair didst indeed look Trotsky-esque this morrow). But seriously, please, if you have ANY insomnia cures--whether they be anything from "a shot of tequila before retiring" to "listening to Tibetan chant while relaxing all the muscles in your body," they would be greatly appreciated. 'Cuz when he's going nuts, it's driving me nuts as well.

It's not as though I'm not tired either. I had a really interesting dream last night that featured as guest stars tons of people that I knew from highschool, plus my boss, and Biff, and it was set in Miller stadium except i've never been there. Really bizarre.

Plus Biff's mom called all the way from California yesterday! I was making some food so I was busy, plus we both thought it was my younger sister on the phone, so we decided to ignore it... ARRRGH! that was very frustrating, because even though she said she'd call back later in her phone message, she didn't! So I guess I'll have to continue my pursuit today, and I hope that all goes well in our phone conversation.

Other than that...Hmm...I have a Stats exam tomorrow that I need to study for. is totally down so I can't check my favorite of my 6 email addresses.

And I think the remainders of that gallon of 2% milk is kinda on the verge of turning bad.

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