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call me, don't be afraid, you can call me...
Wednesday, July 27, 2005

› by victoria

the song "Call Me" from the Austin Powers soundtrack is stuck in my head right now.

I really,really wish that Biff's mom would just pick up the goddamn phone and CALL ME!
Seriously. I have so much stuff to talk with her about it's insane. The fact that she is flaking out when the shit is hitting the fan is making me stressed! And Biff is stressed and depressed (hey, that rhymes) because he's really worried that he won't get the financial aid he needs to go back to school and that would dash his dreams like a fishbowl against cobblestones.


So if you can PLEASEpleaseplease send Marla (Biff's mom) "callvictoriacallvictoriacallvictoria" vibes, I'd be most grateful.

The feng shui suggestions worked, by the way. Well, I haven't gotten the valerian extract yet (or the knock-off Nyquil), but I get the impression--or at least got the impression this morning--that Biff had gotten some decent sleep.


At least I know he got his Daily Dose of laughs yesterday reading the book "Kick Me" by Paul Feig. If you haven't read this book, it is comedy GOLD. Only a few other authors qualify as comedy gold for me, among them Jerome K. Jerome (*I betcha never heard of him--we had 2 first editions of his books, over 100 years old, and I would love to read them as a kid and just laugh and laugh...he's an amazing comedy writer), Daniel Pinkwater, Charles Dickens (but only in MARTIN CHUZZLEWITT, the rest of his books are despondent), and Mary Roberts Rinehart. Her "Tish" books are SINFULLY funny. Oh, and P.G. Wodehouse's "Heavy Weather"--especially the impossible-to-find movie adaptation of it starring Peter O'Toole, which is one of the most delectably amusing films ever made. (*I bought it for my older sister for Christmas off of Ebay one year, and we must've seen it 50 times)... But yes, Paul Feig is a brilliant comedy writer and I can't wait to read "Superstud", his latest book...I wish we hadn't missed his stop at Schwartz Bookstores, I would've loved to have heard him read his own work out loud.

Other than that...I have a huge statistics exam tomorrow (yes, I successfully got it delayed for one day!) that makes not one lick of sense. I'm considering spending money i don't have on brain-performance-enhancing energy drinks in hopes of comprehending the stuff that my professor is talking about. And the weather is lovely. But mostly what's on my mind is the desperate signal of "BIFF'S MOM, PLEASE CALL!"

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