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gonna try to clear things up for ya
Thursday, July 28, 2005

› by victoria

I do read other people's blogs on Happyrobot. I read all of them, every single one. Whether it be "Road Dust" (which I can never tell if it is a true real-life story of experience or just an incredible story-skeleton working its way towards novelhood), "Tropical Depression" (which always makes me mentally make a note to visit Hawaii as soon as I possibly can), "Nutshell Kingdom" (even though I can't always tell what it's about or what it's trying to say, I really appreciate the way Blaine writes), "The Wrong Squid" (which I love! but it's too short!), "Adult Content" (again, I love this one--Stalking the Lizard is exactly what I would do), "Poop Beetle" (I am rooting for the nurse/doctor school to succeed!), "Lisa Says" (a blog slice of watching a family grow, with a vibe of apple pie), "Post-Modern Drunkard" (which I always find dryly amusing, and it's nice to know i'm not the only nicotine fiend on the 'bot), "Elanamatic" (I hope that someday I can have a cool career and Biff, as the equivalent of "the dude"), "Pony" (I really like the photographs that spice up Pony, and I, too, have library fines), "Sunshine Jen" (I want to LIVE where you live! California is so beautiful! Okay, maybe Hawaii is more lush & gorgeous, but I've heard so much about Cali that I'm dying to go there), "Honky Cracker" (another one that always makes me smile...I love the 1950's style man pointing at the words "Honkycracker" while stepping into empty space), "Gator Country" (I didn't always 'get' gator country but lately I have been really vibing with it as a sort of manifesto of total honesty), "The Willhelm" (I need to watch those videos with sound! the problem is, I don't get to use earphones at work), "Upgrown and Overblown" (The montages of pictures and words... I really like them. They'd make great designs for t-shirts or CDs), "Dog Years" (which doesn't really get updated very much, but is always good for igniting some serious thought), "Solstice" (which has some ephemeral sentences that perfectly capture feelings and thoughts...I wish I could write like that), "Cootie Girl" (it's just plain feel like you almost know Kelly when you read it), "River Rat" (the photos really add a lot...and the baby is adorable!), "Tim!" (again the 1950's stock art adds a bit of fun--plus he writes really well), "Ornithopter" (I feel ya on so many of those posts--I can never get over the hilariousness of "Erection Man saves the day!"), "Learning to Fall" (which is really very profound, and it was always Katie's favorite), and finally, last but NOT least, "Robot Journal" which is totally awesome and always has the funky-coolest links on it, so I haves to give it mad-props.

Seriously, I do read other people's blogs. Sometimes I'm not just appreciative, but also madly jealous, of other people's blogs. I don't think that qualifies as a sin since blogs are fairly recent and the Catholic church hasn't gotten around to cataloguing them yet. But still, I feel dreadful about the fact that I have some awesome things to write about every evening as I head home from work, and those awesome things are obliterated like a sandcastle every night by random shit so that by the time I go back to work in the morning at 9 AM, I'm overwhelmed and writing about the same boring stressful crap that I always write about.

I'm trying to keep myself in a mental state of cryogenic freezing so that someday when things hopefully get better, and I'm no longer forced to spend every day of precious summer weather cooped up at work and in class from 9 AM until 6 PM, I can still be imaginative and open-minded and fun. In the meantime, I'm operating on Brain B, so my blog might not be the best. But you can bet that I sure as hell appreciate yours.

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