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cue the sleep!
Saturday, July 30, 2005

› by victoria

it's a very sleepy saturday. don't know how i know yet, but you can almost feel the soporific air calling you to a gently swaying hammock. I love hammocks, but actually the best sleeping experience I ever had was on grass. Yes, a lawn. We were in Dublin, Ireland, and it was probably sometime in july or august--we had just gotten there off of the plane, checked into our hotel and everything, and my dad decided it was time for us to sightsee. So we're walking around, seeing everything, trying to get into an art gallery of some kind, and across the street from the art gallery was this park with a gigantic statue of Oscar Wilde in it. So we went over to the park to investigate, and it was this absolutely lovely little park, and there were lots of irish people availing themselves of the opportunity to recline apon the grass, which was lush and springy and unbelievably short (*I mean, I'm used to long, almost shag-grass, compared to this compact and soft grass). So we--me and my 2 sisters--decided to lie down upon the grass for a nap. Our parents stayed up surveying the scene, and even though we only slept for an hour, I remember waking up feeling incredibly refreshed. It was lovely.

(In fact, on this trip to ireland, we went to many of the same places as this group did so it's really fun to read their adventures).

Other than that... well, I get off of work early today to help Biff and Jill pick up Adam and Ben from the airport. (*Adam and Ben: well, Adam is Robin's younger brother, he's 14 and absolutely just the nicest kid, and Ben is Adam's friend). Adam and Ben have been in Florida for the past 2 weeks, luckies, but they're coming back today. So hopefully everything will 'gel' in that there's a lot of manuevering and mad-driving that Biff will have to do... eep! but I know we will have fun as long as the music isn't too loud.

We mailed an overnight package with 2 rare mystery books in it, and a CD, to Biff's mom in hopes of attracting her attention. (*This was Jill's idea, so you know it has to be good).
So hopefully that will work out as well.

Finally: when will i ever get around to doing the laundry? I hate the stuff, it builds up like plaque or tartar or something nasty, and I never get 'round to doing it until there's so bloody much of it that i'm overwhelmed with laundry. Thank goodness it's not like it was with an old-fashioned crank/wringer washer, or smacking the wet clothes against rocks. :)

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