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Sunday, July 31, 2005

› by victoria

the computer just deleted my post. I don't feel like writing a 2-3 page post over again. So here's the basic gist, summarized in much the same way that I summarized the Bhagavad Gita in one sentence:

Biff and I drove down to Chicago's O'Hare airport yesterday to pick up Adam and Ben when they got in on their flight from Ft. Lauterdale: I had never been to O'Hare's domestic terminal before and plus I was getting the beginnings of a severe headache so we kinda got lost at points, but that worked out okay: since Adam and Ben's flight was delayed, we tried to get something to eat and finally had to go to the International Terminal because they were the only terminal with a food court, so we ate some overpriced food and felt relieved: picked up Adam and Ben, and then drove all the way back to Milwaukee, and I was very proud of Biff because he drove amazingly well and kept his cool even when we were stuck behind idiots towing boats/stupid fuckers who couldn't stay in their lane/people who speed up and slow down randomly, that kind of thing.

I had a migraine so I slept a lot last night and this morning and that really helped. We assisted Jill with her shopping as well. I felt bad because i barely missed seeing Robin twice, which frustrated me a lot! :( We will hang out soon, though, I promise.

And the funniest thing I have seen in a long time is Biff singing a parody version of "Outrageous" by Britney Spears, complete with the "is it a joke?" La la la la la part... you have to hear the song to really get the joke. But here are the outrageous lyrics...

Outrageous when i move my body
Outrageous when im at a party
Outrageous in my sexy jeans
Outrageous when im on the scene
Outrageous my sex drive
Outrageous my shopping spree
Outrageous we on a world tour
Outrageous..must be a girl!

sexy as i wanna be
got these fellas chasin me
it's bout time i hit the streets
all my girls still feelin me
'B' girl aint lost the beat
jumped over drama and i landed on my feet
gotta keep goin no stoppin me
and if you dont like it then

media over here
come Through like a world premiere
trench coat and my underwear
lets go with this freakshow its Outrageous


Im about to bring the heat
lockin' down the industry
all dressed up and glamourus
red carpet and cameras
take trips around the globe
Tints on the jeep so nobody knows
its so hot that your comin out your clothes
now im about to give it ta ya

media over here
come through like a world premiere
trench coat and my underwear
lets go with this freakshow its Outrageous


I just wanna be happy
in a place where love is free
can you take me there?
somebody, oooh
and when you mention my name
make sure you know the truth, yea
until i vow to keep it forever

repeat chorus x5

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