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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

› by victoria

i am not supposed to post every day. and I am sorry to everyone for posting a term paper. I am posting today because i won't be able to post tomorrow. And I am posting stuff that people will hopefully find interesting since it contains some commentary from the viewpoint of a college student who has been generally acknowledged as an anomaly at her university.

That said, Biff had a nervous breakdown last night. I think that male nervous breakdowns are very interesting--in a National Geographic photographer "I want to see what happens when molten lava encounters a gigantic tsunami while I hide behind this small tent" kind of way. I got home really late last night because I mistakenly thought Biff was meeting me in the library lobby after I got out of my 5:45-8:30 PM philosophy class. So I waited for him until 9:20 PM and then I finally called him and figured out that this was a total misunderstanding, so I immediately headed home. He was so sad and upset. I mean, the combination of what appears to be a (metaphor time) branch of peace [i.e. the Federal Stafford student financial aid loan thing form finally came] with a venemous snake tied on top [some kind of menacing letter from the "business office" at MIAD saying that if he didn't pay some unspecified fee by October 15th he would have to pay a $50 fine] was just too much for him.

He did make me curry noodles, which were waiting for me on top of the stove, and I really appreciated that because I was famished.

Anyways, I don't blame him for having a nervous breakdown at all. I just hope we can work things out so he doesn't feel like everything is about to collapse on top of our heads, which is how things feel a lot of the time. Oh, i'm so serious. And I think that attending colleges where people are so affluent and wasteful just exacerbates the problem. Maybe people are wealthy at every college nowadays. It certainly seems to be the case here at least. It feels like I (and Biff has noted this as well) am surrounded by people who are so consumeristic: they spend so much and they have so much. It feels like you're walking around with a one-man money-drought glaring down over your head. Not having the cash to finish your midterm assignment can be a bitch.

I am going on a $5.00 field trip to chicago tonight because my father insisted that i go & purchased the ticket for me ahead of time. I am kind of wishing he just gave me the $5.00 because even though i am excited about seeing Toulouse-Lautrec at the Chicago Art Institute, I don't like the idea of getting back around 11 PM at night.

I think that college students nowadays are a different breed than they were back when Jill went to college. I think she was lucky to be able to go to college and raise hell and work her way through school and drive an awful Corvair whose air conditioning was toxic so you'd have to open the windows to drive out the fumes and volunteer to help civil rights causes and make a difference.

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