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nothing toulouse (-lautrec)
Thursday, October 6, 2005

› by victoria

Okay so the exhibit yesterday was amazing. If you are in Chicago before October 10--I can't believe that this exhibit is closing so soon, because I would love to share it with Biff--you need to visit it. It's the best exhibit I've ever seen at the Chicago Institute of Art, ever...the way they assembled such a huge variety of artists all connected with Montmartre was stunning, and the way that the pieces themselves were displayed added a lot to the depth of the work. I really have to give the Chicago peoples mad props for this exhibit.

It was also nice to spend 6 hours of (almost) quality time with my dad. He is such a great guy, really, to organize this trip every year for college kids to see the museum. He bought me lunch (the first really decent meal I've eaten for 2 days, I'll admit it) and I in return helped him find the bus driver who had parked the bus a block and a half away from where the group was supposed to meet him.

The bus driver was really insane.

I'm so serious.

He decided to take a short cut instead of driving on route #91 which was badly badly congested with cars, and so he decided to drive us through Chicago-city-proper. which was a bad idea with a 14-foot-tall giant bus. There were several moments where I just had to cover my eyes and whimper like the St. Christopher statue in "Airplane!". Plus he got us really lost in the process, and he wouldn't shut up.

one of the main reasons I suspect he didn't shut up was because there was this guy--let's call him "Charles"--who was the president of some honor society that also assisted in putting the trip together and who was an absolute attention-glutton. Plus he had ADHD--realllllllllllllll bad. The next time someone says I have ADHD, they need to sit near "Charles" for a round-trip bus tour of 2 hours each way and hear him talking incessantly about really annoying boastful shit like his family's fucking lake house and how the DNR isn't letting them build an addition to it.

But aside from "Charles" and the more-than-eccentric Bus driver, the trip was fantastic. The weather was gorgeous, the museum was beautiful, it was an awesome trip and I'm really glad I went.

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