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This time last year . (Part II)

(Part II of maybe III we'll see)

Recap Part I: I interviewed for a job I thought was phone sex. It turned out to be a pimp job. I don't think I am ready to be a madam yet so I turned it down.

It is now December 2001 and I am going on 6 months without a job. I try to tell my mother that I am going to do phone sex so it's not so shocking to her when she finds out that I am serious. I get a second interview for a phone sex job. This I knew was really for phone sex because the ad said: "PHONE SEX OPERATORS Earn $9 - $13 and hour for talking sexy on the phone Night/Weekend Bonus Plus Paid Time Off FT/PT Flexible hours Midtown Location No Experience Necessary" so I called and made an appointment for Monday at 3pm. This is already turning out to be much better than the last interview because I got an actual address no shady street corner to see a man with the red flower. I show up to this interview ON TIME and had to fill out an application that was not as intense as the application at the pimp job.

The first thing I notice is that this office was not pink. It had more of an "office" look to it with a front desk person and waiting area. I met with a woman named Janet who was very nice and very chatty about everything and almost anything. I think she even was telling me about her husbands' upcoming birthday or some dumb small talk that I had to pretend to care about. Anywho, here is the low down of the job: it pays $7 an hour with an additional 5 cents for every minute on a call. If a call last more than 10 minutes the minutes triple; say I talk to one person for an hour that would equal a total of 160 minutes or and extra $8 on top of the $7 which really doesn't sound like much. However, this could bring your hour rate to $9 - $15 depending on your calls. And of course, rates go up for nights and weekends. In addition, they have this stars system (which I really haven't figured out) where you can save up stars and redeem them for stuff like metro cards or gift certificates. I think this was their big employee incentive program.

The placed seemed ok and they asked me to come back at 10am on Wednesday for training. Training will last until about 3pm and would consist of watching videos on dominatrix and fetishes, listening to a few calls and then taking two calls (sort of putting us to the test). After that, they would decide if you are able to work there. If you are approved you could be on the schedule as early as Saturday. I was totally psyched this was going to be my new career. I was going to be the best damn phone sex girl out there (mind you I have never done this before - not even with boys I have dated so I don't know why I thought it would be so easy).

Wednesday comes and I arrive at my training session 15 minutes late. ( I think again that my subconscious was telling me not to do this.) I walk into a conference type room with a TV and VCR at one end and 4 other girls at the other. They had just begun to watch the first video so after I was reprimanded for being late I got to sit down and watch some porn. I think I really need to find my notes for the next part. I remember taking about 7 pages of notes from my training session. It was all so riveting!

Sorry kids but I am going to have to finish this in Part III ..

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