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This time last year . (Part III)

(Part III this might go to IV just because my notes are so riveting)

Recap Part I and II: I interviewed for a pimp job that I thought was phone sex. I didn't take it. Interviewed at a second place that IS a phone sex company and now I am talking about my training.

OK so here I am, Wednesday morning 10:20 sitting in a room with actually 3 other women watching porn. The tapes are very funny because it's porn with this voice over explaining what is going on and words to use to explain this over the phone. The video's we had to watch included cross dressing, domination, sensual domination, wrestling, cat fight, and gummy baby (this last one is a rubber fetish thing where the person likes to be treated like a baby just in case you didn't know). I really didn't understand how the last three could be done over the phone. I mean how could you effectively portray wrestling over the phone. Do you know?

The next part of training was a list of do's and don't. This is what you CANNOT discuss in a phone sex call:
1. Castration / Mutilation / Cutting
2. Act of Body piercing or tattooing (you can say you have them but you cannot talk about the act!)
3. Sex with dead bodies
4. Weapons (guns, knifes, bow & arrows)
5. Drugs (liquor is ok like you could be drinking wine)
6. Your actual location you are always suppose to be home
7. Identity of co-workers or what they look like
8. Your Personal info (DUH!)
9. Business info (this means how the company is doing or not to make personal dates. Every call should be treated as a first time call even if you have notes on the caller from a previous call.)
10. Nobody under the age of 18 (you and the caller must be over 18 even if they ask you when was the first time you had sex it was at the age of 18)

This is what you CAN discuss but you are not to bring it up unless the client does. If you are not comfortable talking about these things then you can say the company does not permit me to talk about this or tell the client to call the operator and speak to someone with more experience.
1. Incest (must be over the age 18)
2. Sex with Animals
3. Rape (but without violence)
4. Golden showers / Brown Showers / Red showers (if you don't know then you are better off)

For the next part, we had this woman sit down and explain each type of person you might be asked to portray. Your basic person or standard girl we will call her Hot & Sexy. Every character will be Hot & Sexy but with a variation depending on what the caller wants. The different variations include: College Girl (18-21 yrs old), Housewife, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Double D's, Barely Legal (just turned 18), Mature teenager (18-19), Teenage Housewife (again 18-19), Black and Beautiful, Asian, Latin, Strict Dominatrix, Sensual Mistress, Submissive, Transsexual, Cross Dresser, Wrestling, and Cat Fighting. I was very curious me being a white girl how am I to portray a Black and Beautiful, Asian, or even Latin girl. I was told to throw in some slag like "IEEEE POPPY." Isn't that the funniest thing you ever heard!

So you ask, what makes a Hoy & Sexy girl? A Hot & Sexy girl is a girl that watches porn, she likes looking at hot girls, and she doesn't talk about sex in the first two minutes of a call she is extra flirty. Her voice is happy and energetic, and she is focused and responsive. The best way to talk about how she looks is to be extra descriptive but also keep it vague enough so she can be the girl they dream about. Her day-job might be nurse, secretary, entertainment lawyer, model, flight attendant, librarian, personal trainer, etc. She is also an active person and likes to do the following on her "down time": skate, swim, hike, bike, jog, tennis, date, walk dogs, movies, yoga etc.

Fascinating stuff right? I bet you all had no idea there was this much involved. I really thought they were just going to hand us some scripts to look at maybe give of some to take home and study but no. After all this we had to listen to two tapes of calls both of which the instructor stopped when the girl got to the sex part. We were then given about 10 min to come up with our Hot & Sexy girl and prepare ourselves to take 2 calls. I am leaving my calls for Part IV stay tuned.

I also want to wish all a Happy Porno Thanksgiving. Please find the time to watch some this weekend and have fun!

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