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This time last year . (Part IV)

(Part IV this is it I swear!)

Recap Part I, II and III: First interview for phone sex turned out to be a pimp job so I did not take it. Second interview was for phone sex, which they then brought me in for a day of training. This part is the conclusion of that training.

Well now, here is the true test to my 4 hours of training the 2 test calls. There were 4 of us total doing the training and only 3 stations to take test calls. The one girl that had experience in the group sat out and let us 3 amateurs do our thing. Thinking back now, she might have been a plant by the company to see what the rest of us really think of the job. (You know like when the instructor leaves the room how the other girls talk or act.)

The 3 test stations were just side-by-side cubicles that only had 3 walls so if I leaned back far enough I could look into the cubical next to me. Each cubical had a computer and a dirty magazine. We were instructed to use the name Kelly but since my name is Kelly, I became Monica. I just made me think though is Kelly really a sluts name? Is it? Because so far my name has got me no action (just saying). The system for callers is simple they just pick the type of girl they want - the call shows up on the computer screen and if you take it you become that girl. Problem is sometimes the guy might pick something else or press the wrong choice so you need to be prepared to change at a moments notice. Case in point caller #1.

Caller #1: According to the choice caller #1, was looking for a horny housewife. I started the conversation with a few simple questions like name, location and looks. Caller #1 was a 5'9" dark hair, light-eyed boy in NYC named Allen. I then told him a little about myself and began to vaguely describe myself as an athletic woman with long brown hair the kind that almost reaches the top of my firm ass. I have tits to die for (or so all the boys tell me) the only thing I would change about myself would be my eyes. I wish my eyes were blue like Michelle Pfeiffer. (Are you buying this so far?) About 5 minutes into the call, the guy says, "well I am looking for a girl with a little something extra between her legs." My response to this is "all girls have something between there legs silly!" (And yes, I said SILLY) At that point, the instructor is trying to get my attention "he's looking for a chick with a dick" she says. I nod and give her the thumbs up like ok gotcha. Then I proceed to talk to him never mentioning the fact that I have a dick (not sure, I just couldn't bring myself to make one up since I was already the horny housewife). I was on the call for 15 minutes before the guy hung up. I thought that wasn't so bad. I mean I noticed the 2 other girls were off their calls in less than 8 minutes.

So now, we are critiqued as a group on how we did. I the first girl was told she gave up sex too soon and that is why he hung up so fast. The second girl was told her "character" was not hot enough because she kept struggling for things to talk about and that is why her caller hung up. I was told that I need to be able to say words like COCK, PUSSY and FUCK. I was like no problem just wasn't prepared to produce a dick at a moments notice but hey this is the business. We were then set up for our second call.

Caller #2: According to the choice caller #2, was looking for a college student. I tried my hardest to be extra bubbly and cutesy for this guy. Caller #2 was 6'3" stock boy from Indiana named Steve. I think I did major points when I acted dumb like the first time he said he was a stock person I thought he meant like a trader on wall street. When I found out he was actually a stock boy at Wal-mart I was like "oh you must be so BIG and Strong then" followed by a giddy laugh. It was totally working on him as I told him I was just getting home from class and that I had to change and get ready to go out with my friends. I again was the girl with the long brown hair, tight ass and tits that were a handful and I loved to wear low cut tops to show them off. I undressed my day cloths then got ready in my night cloths. I was new to the big city (originally from Ohio) and I was bummed that a lot of places you needed ID to get in. I was only 19 so this sucked big time for me forcing me to spend most of my night's home with some girlfriends. Steve was eating this all up. I had him on the phone for a half an hour. Not only did I get him off but I wouldn't get off the phone until he got me off as well. I could tell by the way he talked that he has done the phone thing before. Ah, Steve I just want to take this time to THANK YOU I had a great half hour with you that day. It was sort of like that scene in Girl 6 when she gets her cherry popped on the phone. Yeah it was just like that.

So I hang up from the call to my surprise the other two girls were long gone and the third girl was waiting to get a test call. I sat in the office with the instructor and she said I had promise but that I needed to work on my characters. I need to be able to talk without interruptions or pauses and to have some stories I could talk about to be believable. This rather pissed me off because I thought aside form not producing a dick I did really well. The whole shtick to this gig is acting and if you can act, you can do it no problem. I just wasn't in the mood to go home and invent 30 different personalities with backgrounds and stories to tell. I mean this is too much background work for a job where you talk dirty all day. Besides, after my second call, the novelty of the job was gone and there was no way I could be a happy cutesy bubbly girl all day long. That is totally not the bitter annoyed New Yorker I grew up to be so I walked away from this opportunity and decided it wasn't the job for me.

The one thing I did get from this experience is the title to my memories if I ever get around to writing them. They will be called: "I'm looking for a girl with a little something extra between her legs!" Catchy right?

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