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Fashion Brunch

This past weekend my friend Natasha was a model in her friend's fashion show which also happened to be a brunch thing. Her friend is the designer behind Machine Made and the fashion show was at this cute little place called Marion's (know for their fabulous martinis). I just want to say up front that the show was GREAT, the cloths were OUTRAGOUS (in a good way), and the Dazzle Dancers were FANTASTIC (a show better than the rockets).

Aside from all that, I was in a quite annoyed pissed off mood the whole day and I will tell you why. Mostly it was because I had been sick for the past two days with a nasty cough that just wouldn't go away but it also was the fact that I was PMSing. I was annoyed one person canceled on me that morning (I truly hate when people cancel at the last minute). I was annoyed I had to wait outside in the cold with my friends who did nothing but pick on me. (My pretty side does not come out when I am PMSing and being picked on.) I was also annoyed we ended up waiting to be seated in the crowded bar area because Jim decided to go to Starbucks and cruise. (He claims they got his order wrong and that is what took him so long yeah right Jim we believe you.) I was also annoyed that the brunch menu only had 4 items to choose from and none of them was very appealing to me.

Things that made me laugh though were the two women that sat next to us. They were so obnoxious about everything and they were very loud! The best lines from that table were "I saw it" "WHAT?" "THE PENIS!" (This was said after one of the models passed our tables in a little over the shoulder Caesar type outfit and the woman totally looked down his coverings.) I think the table of men next to us was also laughing about these women because Natasha was the next model and they exclaimed "I SEE KNOCKERS!"

After brunch, we went around the corner to Swift for a drink (or two). I had a Hot Port to sooth my cough but I don't think it worked. I did however see a beautiful man and found out he works there on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. So sad that even when I am annoyed I find time to stalk people.

Does anyone out there know of a decent place for Brunch in NYC??? I need to find a good brunch spot. OH and I need to tell you all about my new freelance gig. It's funny strange not funny HA HA but I'll save that for tomorrow.

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